Female Infertility

Like thousands of others faced with the stress and uncertainty of female infertility, you want to know what’s preventing you and your partner from conceiving a child. Will you be successful? Is the cause due to a female factor, a male factor, or both?

Infertility is due to female factors in approximately 45% of cases (see table below). Diagnostic tests have been very successful in determining the causes and there are treatment options for many conditions. Unfortunately, despite current medical knowledge in the field, a proportion of infertility cases are left unexplained.

Causes of Infertility




~5% of cases

   Ovulation factors

~20% of cases

   Tubal or peritoneum

~20% of cases

Male (sole or contributing)

~30% of cases

Unexplained infertility

~25% of cases

This section highlights common female reproductive issues, giving you a basic understanding of potential female infertility conditions -- hormonal conditions such as ovulatory disorders and physical conditions such as tubal abnormalities. This information prepares you for discussions with your healthcare provider and helps guide your investigation.

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