Male Infertility

Despite your best efforts, you and your partner have not been able to conceive a child. Like all couples struggling with fertility, you want to know what is causing the problem so you can focus your efforts on solutions that will help you realize your goal.

Infertility is linked to male factors in approximately 30% of cases. In many cases, the cause of infertility cannot be determined and remains unexplained.

Causes of Infertility




~5% of cases

   Ovulation factors

~20% of cases

   Tubal or peritoneum

~20% of cases

Male (sole or contributing)

~30% of cases

Unexplained infertility

~25% of cases

Common causes of male infertility include hormonal problems (which can lead to sperm abnormalities), complications with reproductive organs, illness, and infection. In this section, you can find valuable information on these and other conditions that can be affecting your fertility.

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