Reproductive System Basics

This is an excellent place to start your investigation. It will be easier to understand fertility by having a solid grasp of how the male and female reproductive systems function.

It’s common for people to think of infertility as a female problem. Many are surprised to learn that approximately 30% of infertility cases result from difficulties with the male reproductive system. This misconception is usually a result of not understanding the fertilization process and the anatomical factors that affect it.

Causes of Infertility




~5% of cases

   Ovulation factors

~20% of cases

   Tubal or peritoneum

~20% of cases

Male (sole or contributing)

~30% of cases

Unexplained infertility

~25% of cases

Arming yourself with this basic but essential knowledge may help you and your partner understand what is happening as you are trying to conceive a child naturally, or as you are going through fertility treatments.

To guide you, here is some information about the male and female anatomy, and how it contributes to the reproduction process.

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