After Fertility Therapy
A positive pregnancy test is a major feat. However, couples that have experienced the trials of infertility often find it difficult to let go of fear. Anxiety levels may be high, especially during the first trimester. Some women remain detached from their baby to avoid disappointment while others feel attachment right away. You and your partner may not be able to celebrate your pregnancy like other couples, but try hard to enjoy this time together.

For some couples who have been unsuccessful with fertility treatments, the next step can mean adoption. For others it may mean accepting that they will live their life without conceiving a child.

Whatever it means for you and your partner, you should both feel proud of the strength that has carried you to this point. Continue to draw on it and let it empower you as you move forward.

This section highlights common scenarios that follow fertility treatment and therapy and will help guide you through valuable information about adoption and childfree living.

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