Secondary Infertility

Secondary infertility is the term used when a couple who already has a child is unable to conceive or carry a pregnancy. This condition is quite common. In fact, secondary infertility accounts for about 35% of all infertility cases and it can have the same causes as primary infertility. Secondary infertility can also occur if there is a new partner.

Secondary infertility is no less painful than other forms of infertility. Couples experiencing secondary infertility have the same feelings of guilt, denial, anger, depression, and frustration. And they have the added stress of worrying about the effect the infertility experience is having on their existing child or children.

Like their counterparts with primary infertility, couples with secondary infertility can develop strategies to help them deal with this crisis. It’s helpful to discuss this condition and its emotional impact with others who are going through the same thing. Regardless of how you and your partner choose to deal with your infertility, try not to let it take over your lives and your family.

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