Do not underestimate the power you have over your own emotional well-being. The better care you take of yourself, the better able you are to cope during this difficult time. Taking care of yourself means doing things that add to your sense of well-being and help relieve the stress associated with infertility.

Each person handles stress and pain differently. Some people find comfort writing their thoughts in a journal while others choose exercise as a stress reliever. Coping strategies that are healthful make you feel better and can make a difficult process manageable. Another vital part of this process is to grieve the many losses that make up the infertility experience. You may be mourning a miscarriage, a failed IVF cycle or something as elusive as the dream of parenting but it’s important to acknowledge the loss.

Finally, don’t forget to have fun! Often people experiencing infertility deny themselves pleasures like travel or having a night out on the town. They spend so much time consumed with treatments and planning for the future that they ignore the importance of finding joy in the present.

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