Provincial Coverage

Financial coverage of fertility procedures and drugs by Canadian provinces is limited, and varies significantly by province.

In Quebec, since 2015, artificial insemination services including non-IVF ovarian stimulation services rendered by a doctor are covered by insurance for a maximum of 9 procedures if they do not result in a pregnancy (positive fetal heart rate). Only sperm purchase-related costs are excluded. In Ontario, IVF treatment is covered for one cycle per patient (two for surrogates) for women under the age of 43. For AI and IUI, there is no limit on the number of treatment cycles. However, there is no coverage for the associated fertility drugs, genetic testing or storage of sperm, eggs and/or embryos. Other than Quebec and Ontario, there has been no significant change in the level of funding for infertility treatments ( Your health care provider will be able to tell you if any of your fertility treatments are covered by your provincial health care plan.

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