Questions For Employer

The answers to the questions listed below can help couples understand what will be covered and reimbursed during the course of fertility treatment. The information obtained will also be useful to an insurance counselor (if available) at the healthcare provider’s office.

Several pieces of personal information should be within reach before calling to inquire about benefits. They include:

  • Name of the insured individual
  • Employee/Patient ID number or Social Insurance Number
  • Plan options
  • Patient’s name and date of birth
Questions to ask an employer

These questions can be asked of an employer, human resources or benefits representative:

  • Are fertility treatments covered on the current health plan?
  • Is there another plan that has fertility coverage? If so, what is the cost difference? Is it possible to change plans? If so, when?
  • Are there restrictions to this plan’s infertility benefits?
  • What is the waiting period before being able to start treatment for pre-existing infertility conditions?

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