The Patient’s Role

Just as you expect your healthcare provider to be diligent in his or her role, you need to be diligent in yours. How you approach your role as the patient can make a difference in the success of your treatment.

Infertility can make couples feel helpless and as a result they may forget that they can still take control of their situation. One way to exercise this control is by doing exactly what you’re doing - gathering information. By educating yourself with the information contained at you are taking an active role rather than a passive one.

Another way to take control is to be compliant with the healthcare provider’s instructions. This does not mean that you cannot ask questions – you actually are encouraged to ask questions and to understand the treatment process. However, following the given instructions may be critical to the process.

Know your insurance coverage. There are so many clauses and riders in insurance policies that your healthcare provider’s office may not know what is and is not covered. They can assist you in finding out what is covered, but it is the patient’s responsibility to understand their coverage.

Explore this section for advice on what else you and your partner can do to help your healthcare provider and yourselves get through the various stages of infertility diagnosis and treatment.

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