Physical Symptoms

Some men may be symptomatic while others may need a healthcare provider to detect the problem. Some physical symptoms can indicate an underlying infertility condition.

Swollen Testes

The man himself is the best judge of whether or not his scrotum is swollen.

If the scrotum appears to be swollen or red, or if there is testicular pain or tenderness, this may suggest epididymitis, a condition in which the epididymis (the site of sperm storage) becomes inflamed.

Undescended Testes

Undescended testes are usually surgically corrected at a very young age, however it is still important to inform the healthcare provider. If the condition wasn't corrected, the scrotal sac will still be present, but it will feel empty. This may indicate an infertility condition called cryptorchidism.

Vasectomy And Vasectomy Reversal

If a man has had a vasectomy reversal, his current healthcare provider should be told. Vasectomy reversals are not always successful and can cause a man to develop other problems later on such as blockages, sperm problems and azoospermia.

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