In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

In vitro fertilization (IVF) requires a big emotional, financial and physical commitment. Couples attempt IVF when surgery or drug therapies with or without IUI have been unsuccessful.

Under the leadership of the IVF Medical Directors of Canada, all IVF clinics in Canada voluntarily submit their IVF outcome data to the Canadian Assisted Reproductive Technologies Register (CARTR). Live birth rates were reported for a combined total of 14,861 IVF/ICSI treatment cycles undertaken in 34 of 36 IVF centres in Canada in 2013.

  • The overall live birth rate was 23% per cycle started, 25% per egg retrieval procedure, and 30% per embryo transfer procedure.
    • 86% of births were singletons
    • 14% were multiples
  • The live birth rates per cycle started, by age of the mother, were:
    • 41% for women under 35 years old
    • 30% for women aged 35-39 years
    • 14% for women 40 years old and over

The IVF process combined with the hormonal therapy used to mature numerous oocytes and induce ovulation can put a woman on an emotional roller coaster. As long as you and your partner keep the lines of communication open and are prepared, relationships can remain strong through this experience. There are many unknown variables ahead such as how many follicles will be produced, how many eggs will be retrieved, how many will fertilize, how many will develop and continue to grow.

The information in this section helps to clarify fertility questions in the world of IVF. It arms you with knowledge that can help you navigate through this difficult but potentially rewarding process.

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