IVF Considerations

Having all the relevant information is important before making any treatment decisions. IVF has many advantages including excellent success rates, however it requires a physical, emotional and financial commitment.


IVF is expensive and many insurance plans do not cover it. Each IVF attempt is costly and as a couple you must determine how many cycles you can afford to do.

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IVF can be physically demanding. The monitoring process combined with the hormone therapy used to produce multiple eggs and induce ovulation can take its toll on the body. Furthermore, the stress and anxiety surrounding the outcome of each procedure can test the limits of one’s patience and endurance. Couples should ask themselves the following questions before starting treatment:

  • How many times will we try?
  • Are we prepared for the risk of miscarriage if we do get pregnant?
  • Do we know our clinic’s success rates?
  • Will we both attend the consultations, office visits, etc.?

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IVF is a stressful process that tests the emotional limits of even the most committed couples. Research suggests that relationships are typically made stronger because of a shared common goal, however each partner brings a unique perspective to the process. Open and honest communication is essential when couples are faced with tough decisions regarding embryo disposition or when to discontinue treatment. Establishing a support system can help navigate the emotional roller coaster ride. This can be with family, friends or support groups.

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