Infertility treatments can be highly technical, so it is normal for some couples to feel confused and overwhelmed. Understanding a treatment can help you restore a sense of control and the only way to understand is to ask questions. If it does not become clear right away, keep asking the questions until the answers make sense.

Compiling Questions
  • Write down questions. It’s common to feel nervous and overwhelmed during a treatment visit. A list of questions can be a reminder of the issues you want to discuss with the healthcare provider. Jotting down the answers is helpful so you can refer to them later. Keeping a diary that contains a summary of each visit with the questions and answers is often helpful.
  • Highlight questions that are of concern. If a healthcare provider’s visit is brief, these questions should be asked first.
  • Keep a notepad nearby. Keep it in the car, next to the bed, on a desk or wherever is most convenient. It will come in handy when questions come to mind. These questions can be entered into a diary to be asked of your healthcare provider at the next opportunity.
Lab Tests and Procedure Questions

When a test or procedure is being arranged, the following questions should be asked:

  • What is the purpose of this test?
  • How and where is the test done?
  • Will the test be painful? If so, is there any medicine that can be taken before or after the test to alleviate the pain?
  • How soon will the test results be available? What implications do the test results have on my fertility?
  • Will the healthcare provider’s office call with the results?
  • How much does this test cost?
  • Is the test covered by my private or provincial health plan?
Medicine Questions

Answers to these questions help understand the medications that are prescribed:

  • How much does this medicine cost?
  • Is the cost of the medicine covered by my health plan?
  • What are the names and purposes of the medications?
  • How much should be taken, when, and how?
  • What side effects should I expect while taking this medicine?
  • Are there restrictions on exercise, activities, foods or beverages while taking this medication?
  • Can the healthcare provider give us written instructions for administering, handling and storing this medicine?

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