Surgery For Infertility

Anticipating any surgical procedure can be an unsettling experience. When the surgery is related to a fertility condition, it comes with an emotional element that is unique to the infertility experience. Couples facing this kind of surgery sometimes feel the additional pressure of knowing that much is riding on the success or outcome of the procedure. They may desperately hope that the surgery will finally solve their problem and enable them to conceive. This is a natural reaction, but it isn’t always realistic. Try to remember that correcting infertility sometimes takes time and may require multiple treatments.

Several male and female related fertility problems can be treated with surgery. For male conditions, surgery usually involves repairing structural abnormalities that are affecting the flow of sperm and/or seminal fluid. Female conditions that require surgery are more varied and include endometriosis, tubal factors and fibroids. Some conditions can be treated with drug therapy instead of surgery. As always, discuss all of your treatment options with your healthcare provider.

This section highlights male and female conditions that often require surgery. There is information here about the procedures, side effects and results.

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